Weight Loss Consulting

Weight Loss Consulting

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When you hear that someone offers weight loss consulting, do visions of horrible-tasting meals, weighing your food, and counting calories flash through your mind? Or maybe you’ve consulted with a doctor, only to be offered powerful weight-loss drugs (with powerful side effects). Perhaps the doctor even recommended some kind of gastric surgery.

Well, don’t panic. Here at Body Design Personal Training, we understand that what you really want is a stronger, slimmer, healthier body. And you don’t want to resort to popping pills or getting cut open to have it.

Our weight loss consulting service shows you how to lose the weight and get the body you want the right way. We will work with you on the key factors that go into designing and achieving the body of your dreams.

We'll discuss:

Diet - Sure, we’ll help you eat healthier. Eating right is going to be critical to your success. But going on a diet isn’t what you need. With our expert help, you will make permanent, healthy changes to your eating habits. These changes will help you shed excess fat while getting stronger and fitter. We won’t put you on some pain in the neck diet that you’ll want to give up sooner or later. We will find you a better, healthier, more enjoyable way to eat.

Exercise - Exercise is another big part of any successful plan. The right exercise program will raise your metabolism and help you burn excess calories, amplifying the effects of your new eating habits. The wrong exercise program will bore you, burn you out, and even increase your chance of injury. Together, we will create a workout program that targets your body design goals while working with your new eating habits.

Lifestyle - While diet and exercise are the big two when it comes to losing weight and redesigning your body, there are lots of little lifestyle changes that can collectively make a real difference. How long you sleep, how stressed you are, even how much water you drink can all have an effect.

If you’re looking for a magic, effortless way to lose weight while getting stronger and healthier, we can’t help you. But, if you are willing to work with us and put in the effort, our weight loss consulting program will get you where you want to go. Give us a call and we’ll get you started on the road to a new you.